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Why You Should Consider a Vacation Rental on the Shuttle Route to the Lifts

October 30, 2017

"Walk to lifts" is a catchy headline when you're looking around our website for your perfect vacation rental. It
triggers thoughts of being on a secluded, never before seen, fresh mountain-side with powder snow for days like something out of a GoPro advertisement. However, if you can't track down an available "walk to lifts" chalet rental, staying somewhere with shuttle access to the lift is just as great, if not more convenient in certain situations. After all, a shuttle actually means no walking at all! Here are 3 factors to consider when you are deciding between "walk to lifts" and homes with easy shuttle access.

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1. The “Walk” Can Be Tougher Than You Think
In your mind, you expect to wake up in the morning, have a quick coffee, gear up, walk outside and immediately be in the lift line. But, sometimes that is not the case with "walk to lifts" rentals. The walk can be several hundred feet or more, up or down hill, sometimes on icy routes. You'll also need to haul all your ski gear with you! Many rentals that do not feature a "walk to lifts" scenario offer shuttle rides that will drive you directly to the lift, an option that is warm, convenient, and with no walking at all. Did we mention warm?

2. The Kid Factor
Add kids to that hundred yard walk and now you're dealing with triple the gear, triple the distractions, and probably triple the whining. This is just something to think about when researching a"walk to lifts" property. The shuttle scenario may be less adventurous, but it can also relieve some of the stress of wrangling the kids in for that long walk to the slopes.

3. Privacy
The dream of a private walk-way directly to the lifts makes us think of a remote, quiet, location in a forest at the foot of the mountain. Be sure to inquire when researching "walk to lifts" rentals about how remote the property truly is. Lifts are generally located in more congested areas, and if your rental is close by, privacy and noise can become issues. Renting in more remote areas and relying on the shuttle is always more private and quieter.

"Walk to lifts"  can be a great feature for your rental property. But, don't cancel the trip if you can't get an available property with this feature. Shuttle access to the lifts is even more ideal in some cases. See you in Whistler!

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