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Massive February Snowstorm Hits Whistler

March 1, 2024

If you’ve been watching the weather, then you may have heard the big news. This week, Whistler was hit by a massive snowstorm! If you’re looking to ski this spring, then this is excellent news for you. 


While some locals complained about the snow causing terrible traffic on the highway, skiers at Whistler Blackcomb celebrated the arrival of a sensational snowstorm on February 28, 2024. By mid-afternoon, approximately 50 centimeters had fallen in Whistler. The rapid speed of the snowfall was captivating (even if it did lead to some road closures around BC). 

The heavy snow improved conditions on the mountain in a major way. Every run was covered, leading some guests to wake up as early as 6am to try to hit the slopes. The snow and wind grew so severe that the mountain had to delay opening. Skiers later that day were in for a real treat though. Those who plan to ski in the next few days will also get to take full advantage of the awesome snowfall! 


Pique reports: “As of Feb. 29, Whistler Blackcomb had a base depth of up to 154 centimetres—up from the 143 cm measured at the beginning of the month, but still well off track what would be considered normal.” 

With any luck, there will be a few more snowstorms of this caliber before the end of the season! OpenSnow shows that Whistler Blackcomb has a chance of getting a whole lot of snow in the next ten days. Fingers crossed for many more powder days! 

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