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Top 6 Best Bonus Features To Look For In Your Whistler Vacation Rental

November 13, 2017

You can't get everything you want while shopping for a vacation rental, but while searching our website for your ideal Whistler rental, try to get a place with these 6 amazing features that you may not have thought about wanting.

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 1. Fire Place

A fireplace is a must for anyone looking to relax and sit back with a glass of red wine after the kids have gone to bed. There's nothing more romantic or relaxing than a roaring fire on a winter night, especially in Whistler.

2. WiFi

Sure, everybody loves the idea of shutting technology completely off and living "off the grid" but WiFi is a life necessity these days. A vacation rental with WiFi allows you to research trails, restaurants, driving routes, and also gives you much needed Netflix access to watch by the fire place.

3. Laundry

Everybody knows that a ski/snowboard vacation involves a lot of soaking wet clothes. If you have kids, it becomes a never ending cycle of wearing and then drying wet boots, hats, mitts, and jackets. A rental with laundry facilities beats hanging coats and scarves over the shower rod and vents.

4. Extra Bedrooms

The best way to keep the kids organized, quiet, and not melting down is to separate them at night. An extra bedroom goes a long way, especially if one kid's bed time is 7 and the other goes to bed at 9.

5. Mud Room

There's nothing more annoying on your ski vacation than dealing with wet, cumbersome skis, snowboards, helmets, poles, and clothes. A mud room is a brilliant way to eliminate a soaking wet kitchen or entrance way and a perfect place to store your board, skis, and poles between runs.

6. Hot Tub

Possibly the best bonus feature you can get in a Whistler vacation rental is a hot tub. There is nothing better than hitting the hot tub with friends and family after a long, eventful day. Enjoying the crisp winter air while soaking in the hot tub is something you must experience.



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