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Why Booking 2 Smaller Rentals Can Be Better Than 1 Large Rental

November 22, 2017

When we are sold out of big rentals for your large group, 2 smaller rentals can be an even better option!

Large rental properties for big vacationing groups sell out first. If you don't book really early, you'll miss your chance because everybody wants to come to Whistler! However, if you come up short on booking a large rental, booking 2 smaller rentals that are located very close to each other can be an even better experience. Here's why:

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  • More Beds & Bathrooms

There's really nothing more important in a shared space on vacation than having easy access to the bathroom. Several showers a day plus regular bathroom visits can get tricky when you only have 1 or 2 full bathrooms in your rental. Renting a second home can double your bathroom space which instantly means less frustration, more privacy, and more hot water!

  • More Quiet Spaces

In a big group, you'll get a unique range of personalities and everyone will have their own ideas about what to do during their stay in Whistler. Inevitably, some people will be night owls, and some will be planning their 6 a.m. sunrise mountain adventure. In cases like these, 2 rentals can be a huge benefit to both parties if you designate 1 of the rentals as the "quiet house". In the quiet house, your nieces 7 p.m. bedtime or your undisturbed bath is actually achievable! If you're sharing all accommodations, conflicting plans and personalities are sure to clash, or at least annoy. Keep in mind that the larger of the two homes can still be used as the main gathering place to prepare and eat meals and watch movies together as a family.


  • More Adult Time

There's bound to be at least one adult who doesn't mind babysitting over at the quiet house, right? For a night or two, plan an adult's only party and send the kids to play and watch movies at the quiet house with the volunteering babysitter. In one single rental it can be difficult to have adult time while on vacation with the kids flying all over the house. 

Book early if you really want that big rental where your family of 10 can all be together. However, if you land on our site, and find that all of our large units are booked, you may actually be in luck. Vacationers that book 2 smaller units located close together often find it was the best possible experience.

Get in touch now to book your Whistler vacation. We know Whistler, we live here!

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