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4 Ways to Save Money Booking Your Vacation Rental

March 5, 2018

Business is about supply and demand and vacation rentals are no different. However, you can leverage the laws of supply and demand to make sure you get a better rental, for less money. Here are 4 ways to save money booking your vacation rental:


  • Book During the Week

Supply and demand would insist that vacation rentals most often book up on weekends, when people are off work and wanting to relax and get away for family and fun. That generally leaves the week much more available for bookings which makes renting during the week less expensive. If you'd rather not battle for a great rental on a Friday to Sunday mini-vacation, set it up so you can take 4 days off in the middle of the week, grab the kids out of school, and enjoy the less expensive and less crowded Monday to Thursday getaway.


  • Book Early

Getting online to book as early as possible is another great way to save money since owners like to reward renters when they take the pressure off filling a rental last minute. Owners also have the ability to raise prices when less organized renters attempt to rent last minute because demand is high and desperation sets in. Booking early can save you money and definitely gives you more peace of mind than scrambling to rent the week before your trip.


  • Book in The Off-Season

The "on" season is when the weather is generally great and everybody is taking their vacation time. Supply and demand also makes it the most "expensive" season because owners know they'll get their properties booked up with ease. The off-season is less busy and less expensive, which means you can get the rental you want for a lower price with no line ups at that restaurant you want to try! Read more from our blog about the benefits of off-season vacations right here: Visit Whistler During the Off-Season


  • Book Further Away

Most people want to be right where the action is. Downtown, the center of the village, beside the lifts, wherever the energy is high. But, just a bit down the road from where everybody wants to be is a nice, private, spacious rental that the owner is discounting because it's not in everyone's "ideal" area. Booking further away from the action gets you better pricing, better privacy, an ability to escape, and it's just a quick trip to be where everything is happening. Read more from our blog about why you should consider a vacation rental on the shuttle route to the lifts here: Consider a Vacation Rental on the Shuttle Route


Supply and demand can work for you with the above tips. If you resist following the crowd you can actually end up with more space, more privacy and an overall better vacation. Visit us online today and chat with a live agent at WhistlerRBO.com to learn more! We know Whistler. We live here.

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